How To Be A Great MC

Do you need some advice on how to be a good host at an event being held soon? Well, the specific advice depends on the event content really. While you may be experienced at certain events, being able to keep an audience of teens hooked is different to taking care of a crowd of snooty accountants in their button up waistcoats. Winging it is not the best choice. In fact, it is one of the most terrible ones you can make. Now, there are a few key differences between being an emcee and being a speaker. For one, the set of skills that are needed is totally different. In truth, the role of the MC is a lot harder for some people than that of someone delivering a set speech. While all MCs are speakers, not all speakers are MCs, if that makes any sense at all. 

Prepare Your Opening Lines Well

One thing you need to prepare for in advance is your opening pitch. Even lawyers have to follow the same procedure to keep a jury hooked. Don’t go straight in for the kill. There needs to be some ceremony with which you open the event to the audience, before going into the contents of the program. If you are a bilingual emcee you could draw some quotes from the other language that you know, pushing it off to a culturally diverse start. Try telling a story from your “life” that the audience can relate to. It needs to be one that gently flows into the purpose of the event actual. Sure, at some point you are going to have to jump to the important tasks, giving thanks to the hosts and all of that, the boring stuff. To start off though, make the audience happy and interested.

Be Charismatic, But Don’t Steal the Show

While being a bilingual host makes you pretty awesome, you really shouldn’t try and show this off to the crowd. No one likes an attention hog. Even when the role of being the MC requires you to take the spotlight on yourself, never stop the process of keeping the show going. The Show Must Go On!

Keeping the event constantly moving and not allowing it to grow stale even for a second is what you are there for. To do this, you need to give a mood to the event, and you are the leader of attitudes for the night. The more positive you are, the more positive the crowd will be.

Grabbing The Hearts Of Music Lovers – Pointers For Creating Your Original

Of all the commercial industries offering various services to customers, clients and so on, the music industry plays an important role. In fact, music has become an essential part in the lives of almost all individuals from various countries. It’s said to be the language of communication between two or more cultures, ethnic groups and so on. However, there are contradicting thoughts among famous musicians and other important people in this field. With that said, if you’re interested in pursuing your future dreams in this industry, there are many options and opportunities. Given the tremendous advancement in this industry, there are many who are recognized as great artists today.
So, if your dream is to become popular and create impactful songs for listeners, you’ve come to right page. However, most people think that it’s a piece of cake, if then it is true, every musician would become a hit. In order the grab the hearts and soul of the listeners, you need to be to add some flavours, tones, etc. to the music you’re writing. Especially, if it’s the first original piece that you’re writing, you might be in search for some information that would be helpful with the start. Here are some pointers that might be helpful in identifying an area, concept or thought to start creating catchy lyrics:
 Experiences
Throughout your life, you go through various real life experience that focus around relationships, careers, life and so on. Therefore, you need to relax yourself, find some quiet space and think over some of the major life’s events. Examining these events closely will help you come up with an idea for song writing.

 Identifying the purpose
For many artists, the lyrics and music of the song, is a medium for them to express their feelings, thoughts and others. Moreover, it’s a way for these individuals to express the above, which listeners aren’t able to do. As a fact, people are able to connect with the lyrics and make meaningful judgments or notions about themselves.
 Think out of the box
Additionally, another good song writing pointer is to let lose, be creative and bold creating the lyrics. There aren’t any rules, as long as, the words make sense and there’s a flow to the music. Hence, don’t hold back, let the words touch the hearts of music fans.
If you take a look at the aforementioned points, you would understand that it’s not a simple task for coming up with lyrics for a song. However, these guiding pointers will help plant an idea to base your song. So, get the blank or music sheet, instrument and recorder ready and let your imagination do the writing.

Cool Additions To Your Home

Are you sick of the same old design clichés for your home? If you are an innovative person who likes to look unique, you are probably looking for new and cool ways to decorate your own home, so yours doesn’t look like a million others. Well, you are in luck. Here are a number of ways you can make your home stand out from the rest:

Tinted Windows

Instead of hanging up curtains or blinds, you can control the sunlight and create a privacy barrier by using solar film for windows. Unlike curtains or blinds, these won’t block the gorgeous views of the outside. At the same time, it will keep harmful UV rays from entering the house. While you can see the outside well from the inside, they will prevent outsiders from peeping into your home. Therefore, for stylish as well as practical concerns, get your glass tinted.

Install a Slider Next to the Staircase

When you are a kid, did you ever slide down the rails of a staircase? You can make your dreams come true as an adult but installing a slider, a real one, next to the staircase. If you have kids or pets in the house, they will be more than delighted. Adults, too, can slide down without fearing anyone staring.

Cat Transportation System

If you have a cat or a small dog, don’t hesitate to install a cat transportation system. This is basically a number of pipes that snake up the walls so your little kitty can get about happily. Also, they look great and make homes look modern and hip. Cat transportation systems can be easily installed by a regular carpenter or mason. It will cost much cheaper if it can be made from scratch by a local carpenter.

Camouflage Pool

The solar film for windows will camouflage your living room, and a remote controlled pool cover will camouflage your swimming pool. Now, this is not like a plastic tarp that many pool owners use to keep their pools clean and restricted to pets and children. This is an automated covering, like a garage door, that once closed could look just like your yard or the floor. So, if you need some extra space for a garden party, an automated camouflage pool cover would do more than fine.

You can also make your house look cool by building a treehouse in the backyard or installing an outdoor pizza oven. As you can see from the list above, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to make your home look unique.

The Overlooked Areas Of Building A Healthy Life

Health is better than wealth says an old proverb. Health brings us happiness, peace of mind and serenity, something money can’t buy at all. This is what many us tend to forget in the long run. We are all busy in increasing our sales and profiting in more investments and we don’t take proper care of ourselves. This can lead to much health related problems. In this article we are going to open your eyes something more than food for you. Take a look!
You need to practice the good habits
Since childhood we are taught to brush our teeth. When we grow older we cut of the “twice a day” to “once a day” in this process. Many who suffer from oral diseases and bad breath has one common reason, lack of brushing and flossing. Don’t decrease your good habits but maintain them well if you don’t want to suffer from diseases and spend your money, time and energy.

Exercise yourself
Exercises in the gym and the runs, walks to the park is just one side of exercising. There are so many other ways in how to put exercise to our lives. Dancing, sports, athletics, aerobics, water aerobics are some of the overlooked areas. If you are not a person who likes much of gym exercise then you can turn for these options as well. You need to exercise to maintain good weight, body shape and to be fit.
Mental exercise you need
We only talked about the physical ways. What about the mental exercises? You can meditate, reflection on your progress, positivity, brain exercises are some of them you need to try. They will contribute in different ways on you like to improve your focus, thoughts, boost your moods, avoid stress, improve mindfulness and brain power. If you can meditate for like ten minutes in the morning, it would be a great to kick start your day.
Getting outdoors
We all live in the fast moving world and restricted with the fast paced lifestyles. Getting holidays and getting the opportunities to go on vacations are always in the back of our minds. But you need to enjoy your break every day too and it’s essential. Go outdoors and enjoy the cool breeze, the noises of the birds and the look of colorful plants and flowers. A little bit of gardening added to your daily household chores is not something to worry or regret about. Many medical professionals claim that gardening is a good medicine for stress and anxiety. So, improve your skills in gardening and enjoy what nature has to give you. 
Do things that make you happy
If reading books is your thing, then do it. Or if you love to listen to music after you come home after a busy day then enjoy it. Practicing the things that make you happy have a great impact on your day-to-day work and also it can boost your productivity and mood. You can also combine them with other work. For an example if you don’t like cleaning, combine it with some music and you will be cleaning your house in no time.