Advice For Finding The Right Counselors

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We look for counselors to give us advice and support. Finding the right one will lead to your recovery and the wrong one may do you more harm than good. The process of working with a therapist is very emotional and therefore you need to be sure that whom you choose is the right person for you.

Ask friends and family

This is one way of ensuring to find good therapist. It can be more helpful to get advice from someone who has been through a similar situation you are in. If you are looking for divorce counselling in Singapore, then ask someone that has gone through this process and see who they might recommend for you. Don’t just rely on the reference form one person but try and see if you can find more references. Keep in mind that if the therapist is a friend of the person who recommends them to you, then the opinion can be biased and therefore you need to do a proper back ground check.

Do an online search

The internet is a good place to start your search. There are sites that provide information about reputed and well qualified therapists. But keep in mind that you should not just believe everything you hear therefore always cross check information. Don’t look for people that are trying to sell the service to you rather look for someone that has explained the service and what they do. See if they have given contact information and have an initial conversation.

Gender of the therapist

Gender is always something to take into consideration. If you are a woman looking for divorce counselling alone then you should be set on finding a female therapist and vise versa for men. Keep in mind that clients do tend to rely on their therapist for advice and emotional support. There are cases where unnecessary attachments are made and that can be more harmful to you as the client. Therefore always remember that in any given situation to always take gender in to account.

Beside these, you need to be sure that who you hire is well qualified adviser for the job at hand. Do not just pick someone that only has reasonable experience but also look for someone that has had professional training in the area that is relevant to you. Check the qualifications before you hire them. Also remember that some therapists record the sessions and it is your right to know if they are recording the session with you. Therefore you need to ask them how they are keeping record of the session beforehand.