How To Travel To Bali In Cheap?

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Bali is a cheap place to visit and it is famous because of its tropical weather. One can easily visit Bali in cheap rate too. Here are some tips on how one can operate his visit within cheap rate.

In Bali it is mostly the rainy season throughout the year from October to April, and a few months of dryness May to September. To visit there choose the off season to save your money. Though it will be the rainy season but the rain does not last for many hours, only a few hours of rain cleans the whole sky and weather. If you are coming from a cold zoned country, then make sure that your hotel room has the facility of air conditioning because the temperature is mainly humid. Staying in adjoining tourists destinations of Bali, like Lombok, in cheap lombok villas will also help you save money.

Bali is very popular tourist’s destination place so there are many hotels from lower rates to higher rates choose the hotel which fits with your pocket. There are also five star hotels, but the trend is now is to live in a villa rather than a hotel if you are with your family or friends. You can find affordable villas in neighbouring tourist places like Lombok, and availing lombok villas will offer you the scope to enjoy leisure days at cheap cost.

People usually rent a villa over hotels and enjoy the privacy and it is also very cheap as well as it has all the facilities of a good hotel room and it gives a feel of a home. But try to book a villa before you go there and know their daily charge.

As Bali situated at the bay side, its weather is so much charming. Light and cotton clothes will be fine and work the most. There is so much sunlight you will get, so always bring sunscreen with you otherwise you may have tan. Though there is not any fear of insects as the weather keep them away, but always carry some important medicine with you for emergency purpose. 

Transportation is problem for Bali visitors but you do not have to worry there are cabs if you want to go anywhere. You can also public transport, both are very cheap. If you are lucky enough then you will get transportation along with your hotel as many hotel gives shuttle service for their guests.

Food and drink is very cheap and delicious to afford even in the luxury restaurants. You can choose your food from various cuisines such as Mexican, Asian, Chinese, western etc.