Not Every Injury Can Be Prevented

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We all go through situations that we look back and think what if we had not fallen into that trouble, what if we knew, what if we didn’t do it which is why we had to go through it and all the questioning in the mind. There are so many instances that we can be the change we want to see and yes, if we had made an effort we could have definitely made it not happen like in the case of doing well at an examination, performing on a show but then again there are instances like falling down by twisting our feet, getting hit by a hockey stick, ball at a game or even hitting on something hard accidentally which were not deliberately made actions but they happen just without our intention which didn’t give us enough time to prevent it.
Most of the damages or wounds that happen for people are involved in games fall into that category which was not deliberate but just happen out of our intention. This is why schools, universities or even clubs that have different athletic related activities have a separate sports injury clinic to take care of anything that happen suddenly without an expectation. Some of these unfortunate things that can happen to an athlete are those things that is difficult to be prevented.
• Falls
This can be called as one of the most common accidents that can happen to anyone who involves in these activities. These falls could result in different aches and pains at varying levels, starting with a simple bruise to something that can result in a huge brain damage as well. Someone falling off a higher place and landing on something hard would go through a severe damage than a person who just falls by trampling the feet or by hitting on another person. They are unintentional and unavoidable as well.

• Equipment
This is another very common case where people try to use equipment that are not suitable for their body structure or use items in a wrong posture or even hold or lift equipment that are of higher weight and size than their acceptable capacity. This happens a lot to people who hit the gym with no trainers. They use whatever equipment they think is right for them and not knowing the right way to use it can also affect them to cause different aches.
• Warm up
The right warm up can instantly boost up our energy levels as well as the wrong warm up could completely affect the whole body structure. The sequence of going from light weight to higher weight as well as moving from slower pace to a higher speed is just as important and anyone who’s new to this will always end up in a sports injury clinic simply because of all the wrong follow ups. Click this link for more information about numbness treatment in Singapore.
These can be known as some of the most common accidents that can happen to any person engaged in games.