Surviving The Tropics: Maintaining Your Health In The Tropics

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The tropical belt is the region just above and below the equator in the world. Due to the tilt of the earth on its axis, the tropical countries get the highest amount of direct sunlight and are therefore the hottest, most humid region in the world too. People born in the tropics adapt to the climate over time but for those visiting it or have only recently moved in, the tropics can be a challenge. Your health is usually the first to suffer so here are some tips on how to survive the tropics and keep your health intact:

Manage the Temperature

The sun and the hot weather is only good for you in small doses; with increases in global warming, the tropics have become hotter, and the sunlight deadlier. Do not spend too much time in the sun, particularly between 10AM and 3PM. Use an air conditioner or fan whenever possible to regulate the room temperature; the human body can only take so much. Call an aircon service in Singapore and make sure your A/C unit is working properly at maximum efficiency so that the room temperature hovers around 25°C/77°F and providing high quality services.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

The tropics cause you to sweat a lot so the water levels in your body deplete more rapidly than in cooler, temperate countries. If you constantly live in an air-conditioned room that hasn’t had aircon service in Singapore in a long time, you may be losing more body water through the drying out of your skin. Make sure you drink at least twice as much of water as you did before. Avoid coffee and fizzy drinks as the caffeine and carbon in these beverages (respectively) will quicken dehydration and cause problems for your liver over time if you are not careful.

Protect Your Skin

Many people come to the tropics with the intention of sunbathing and tanning. Those born in the tropics generally have a higher melanin count in their skin, or develop it, and this is usually enough to counter the UV radiation emitted by the sun. People with lighter skin are in danger of developing skin cancers through overexposure to sunlight. Therefore, wear sunscreen all the time, especially when you are sunbathing. Avoid lying in direct sunlight especially between 10Am and 3PM as the sun is strongest then. The tropics receive a higher incidence of sunlight than other regions therefore you can easily acquire a tan even if you only sunbathe 2-3 hours a day; protect your skin by wearing a large hat and sunscreen lotions.