The Evolution Of Mobile Phones

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What are mobile phones? A mobile phone is a device that can be used by a person or many as a portable device to communicate with another person living in a distant or different place. The transmission of the communication of the parties are done by way of a Radio frequency that operates in areas which has the necessary services. The necessary services are the good connection to the device, which are called as mobile signal networks. Mobile phones are generally used for purposes such as to keep in touch with family, friends and the loved ones. However, in the past there were no mobile phones but telephones. And these Telephones were limited and were owned by only a very few people. First hand phone which was portable and can be carried with a person to any place or move it to any position he wants was introduced in 1973 by John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper of the company Motorola. However, this first mobile phone was extremely large and had issues when people had to move it from one place to another. Therefore, the introduction of mobile phones which are easy to transport from one place to another. If you are interested about cheapest mobile phones you can visit this site

What are the various brands of mobile phones?

There are many brands of mobile phones since then. Few famous brands of mobile phones at the present market are Samsung, Apple Inc., Huawei, Microsoft, Nokia, and also mobile phones by Windows. The development in the history of mobile is amazing. It has been surprisingly remarkable. The size of the mobile phone has been reduced and at present we even find micro mini mobile phones. A rapid development in the capacity and function of mobile phones can be specially seen in smart phones. However, the most demanded and highly popular mobile phone at present is the iPhone 6. iPhone stores get crowded with buyers who want to purchase them because of this demand.

Parts of a mobile phone.

A mobile phone consists of a battery, Keypad, Sim card, Memory card, and so on. There are however at present other parts to a mobile phone such as the Headset and the Bluetooth device. However, the external parts of smart phones are very expensive. For example, the iPhone price in Singapore is very high that it cannot be afforded by everyone.

At present mobile phones have become a thing that one cannot live with. It has now become one of the most necessary good. Everyone who can afford it has a mobile phone. However, it isn’t difficult at present to get hold of one as they come in different prices which are customer friendly. Some even use more than one mobile phone. They have different phones for varied purposes such as Business purposes and private purposes. These help man’s communication easy and fast.